7th Annual Hoopsville Marathon

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Time for a marathon!

Thursday, Hoopsville was on the air for TEN hours for the 7th Annual Hoopsville Marathon Show.

This year's show featured coaches, administrators, and many others around Division III who gave us a sense of the season to date and what is to come. There is only a month or so left in the regular season, so there was plenty to talk about.

For more information about the show and its impact, click here.

The marathon is also a chance to kick off fundraising efforts for the show. Many fans of Hoopsville ask often how they can give to the program so we can continue doing our work into the future. In the first few years of the Marathon, the fundraising side was an important aspect. However in the last few years, we have shyed away from fundraising as we tried to find other means to financially run the program. After requests from many, we are do have a few ways fans can contribute.

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Hoopsville Marathon Schedule

Timing approximate and subject to change

Time (ET) Guest School/Institution   Time (ET) Guest School/Institution
12:20 p.m. Jim Calhoun St. Joseph's (Conn.) men's coach   4:40 p.m. Charles Katsiaficas Pomona-Pitzer men's coach
12:40 p.m. Pat Juckem No. 11 WashU men's coach   5:00 p.m. Jon Herbrechtsmeyer No. 5 Bethel women's coach
1:00 p.m. Brian Morehouse No. 3 Hope women's coach   5:20 p.m. Chris Carideo Widener men's coach
1:20 p.m. Lauren Busalacchi Ripon women's coach   5:40 p.m. Dave Hixon Amherst men's coach (sabbatical)
1:40 p.m. Ryan Hyland John Jay men's coach   6:00 p.m. Tricia Cullop WBCA Board President, Toledo women's coach
2:00 p.m. Dan Dutcher NCAA VP for Division III   6:20 p.m. Alex Richey No. 18 Oglethorpe women's coach
2:40 p.m. Karin Harvey Montclair State women's coach, Women's National Committee chair   6:40 p.m. Jody May Albion men's coach
3:00 p.m. Adrienne Shibles No. 2 Bowdoin women's coach   7:00 p.m. Dave Macedo No. 18 Virginia Wesleyan men's coach
3:20 p.m. Kate Pearson Cabrini women's coach   7:20 p.m. Melissa Kuberka St. John Fisher women's coach
3:40 p.m. Mark Gilbride RPI men's coach   7:40 p.m.  Sam Atkinson  Gallaudet Associate AD for Comm., Men's National Committee Chair   
4:20 p.m. Matt Donohue Catholic women's coach   8:15 p.m. HOOPSVILLE HAPPY HOUR  Ryan Scott, Lenny Reich, and Chris Mitchell

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