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We've entered the part of the season when teams are either off the court for an extended period of time or they are still practicing and playing occasional games leading up to a break around Christmas. It is an odd time of the season. You look away one night and forget there is a big game happening. You try and focus in another night only to realize there isn't much to watch (if anything).

Some schools are still wrapping up finals as well!

These few weeks can also be challenging to teams. Staying fresh even though there could be up to a month between games. Staying focused, even though academics are a much higher priority that what's happening on the court. And staying healthy despite travel to different parts of the country or back home to be with family.

Thursday night on Hoopsville, Dave tries to work his way through the distractions to talk to a few teams all of which still have games this December and seem to be off to pretty good starts. We'll even hear from a student-athlete's perspective. How are finals, the holidays, and travel affecting these programs?

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Guests Schedule (order subject to change):
- Charles Katsiaficas, Pomona-Pitzer men's coach
- Ron Rohn, Muhlenberg women's coach
- Madison Temple, No. 4 Thomas More Senior guard
- Matt Lewis, No. 6 UW-Oshkosh men's interim coach

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