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Each and every week there are games that will surprise. Each and every season there are programs that will surprise. This season there may be more than the rest.

Sunday night on Hoopsville, Dave returned from the NCAA Convention in San Antonio where he got more than a taste of Texas basketball. Plus, there are a few teams making a statement in their conferences and it's time to shine a light on their success.

Dave also got a chance while at the NCAA Convention to talk to the parents of one of the more influencial student-athletes the NCAA has seen. Brent and Lisa Hill talk about the legacy left by their daughter Lauren and the recognition she got from the NCAA. (This segment did not air, but we hope to give you a chance to see it as early as Monday).

You can watch the show On Demand down below.

Guests include (in order):
- Jessica Ott, Milwaukee Engineering women's coach - WBCA Center Court
- Bill Geitner, Eastern Connecticut's men's coach
- Steven Schulman, Lehman's men's coach
- Janson Hightower, Southwestern men's coach
- Cameron Hill, No. 17 Trinity (Texas) women's coach

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Due to technical problems, only the first 1:19 of the show is available above. Here are two of the interviews that were cut off of last night's broadcast. We apologize for the technical problems.

Southwestern's Janson Hightower:

No. 17 Trinity (Texas)'s Cameron Hill

Brent and Lisa Hill - Parents of Lauren Hill:  

Audio Only Podcast (will be available as late as Monday morning).

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