In Division III, talent runs deep

 D3talent runs d3ep

Division III athletics is often underrated and overlooked. The unseen hours student-athletes put into balancing athletics and academics is second-to-none, emphasizing the mere pride, passion and love they carry for their sport. Whether it's on or off the field, in the classroom or working full-time, talent truly runs deep among current and former Division III student-athletes.

TALENT RUNS D3EP is a way of embracing successes among the respected student-athletes. Its mission is to nationally unite, enlighten public perception and honor the dedication of Division III athletics.

We want to help you showcase all of the great things Division III student-athletes do both on and off the field! We'll share them on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #d3talent. Please tag us with your highlight videos! 

The D3talent concept and design comes directly from Division III basketball alumnus Sam Borst-Smith, of the University of Rochester, and we're taking it and running with it together. Check out all the ways you can express yourself at the D3talent store, and share your highlights with us on social media!

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